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1998 TILL 2015


Academic Back Ground

  • Ghada Salah Gomaa, graduated from the faculty of Art-English Drama Department-Ain Shames University-Cairo-Egypt in the year 1983
  • Ghada Gomaa, received a two business career diplomas, which equals a master degree from Japan, in the year 1993; one in Pyiet's Theories in Teaching and Training Children and another in Teaching and Training Adults. She is certified to train with the psycho-marathon methodology
  • Ghada from the year 1993 till 1998, after her studies at Japan, joined AtEase Incorporation-Ohio-USA to study business and social etiquette and protocol
  • At Ohio-USA, Ghada Gomaa become a business etiquette and protocol consultant, her majors were: psychology, anthropology, culture & civilization, sociology, philosophy, politics, behavioral science and religions
  • From AtEase Incorporation at Ohio-USA Ghada Gomaa, had her first Business Career Diploma in the International Etiquette & Protocol
  • Her second Business Career Diploma, was a specialty in the Asian Etiquette
  • Then Ghada in the year 1998 was licensed as the sole business etiquette & protocol consultant of the Middle East among 201 consultant-all over the world
  • In the year 2000 till 2001 Ghada achieved an Honorable Doctorate upon a research, applying the 2222 business etiquette global rules, to 2222 verses from Quran-Islam, and this is to prove that the origin of Etiquette is Islam, and that it is not an American Invention
  • Ghada Gomaa is then finally back from the USA and now stable in Egypt, with 299 training programs, of business etiquette and protocol


Business Career Background

  • Ghada Gomaa, while was a university student, in the year 1979, in her second year, she joined Hapag Loyd Flug-Lofthanza-Airlines, as a Cabin Attendant. She received her training three months at Germany
  • Ghada after graduation and completing her University education in the year 1983, worked in parallel, as a secretary to Salam Haytt Regency, Purchasing Department and in the evening a tutor at the ILI (International Language Institute)
  • Then parallel to the ILI she joined the Mena House as a secretary in the project department and this is till the year 1986
  • In the year 1986 she was working as a full time mother, in parallel to a full time teacher of English Language at Port Said Schools-Zamalek-Cairo-Egypt till 1990
  • Ghada Gomaa completed her studies in Computer Science with a distance learning with Cambridge University and certified RSA (Royal Society of Art Computer and  Technology) in the year 1991
  • Ghada Gomaa, from the year 1991 till the year 1993 joined different USAid Projects, with Support International Centre of Development, where training employees at the NGOs how to manager and train voluntary leaders and researching
  •  In the year 1993 she joined the Semiramis Intercontinental (IHC) working in the training department till 1998
  • Since the year 1993 till 1998, Ghada while working, she did her studies at Japan and USA, either through distance learning for sometimes, and leaving for practical studies for another; consequential
  • Ghada Gomaa, in the year 1998, quitted her employment career and started her personal business with implementing the business etiquette in the training field


Ghada Gomaa Digging her own Business Etiquette & Social Etiquette Channels
In the Egyptian and Middle Eastern Market

  • Ghada Gomaa, started as a free lance business etiquette and protocol consultant through, the American Chamber of Commerce in Cairo, parallel to the American University in Cairo from the year 1998
  • In the April 2003 Ghada established the first and sole business etiquette & protocol Academy in the Middle East-“Protocol & Etiquette Academic Centre of Excellency-Middle East-PEACE Academy”
  • Ghada Gomaa in the year 2005 established different schools of training; in marketing, sales, finance, accounting others…… with 150 specialized academic and practices consultants
  • Ghada Gomaa, in the year 2004 established the first two non-exclusive academic partnerships at Dubai
  • In December 2005 another two non-exclusive academic partnerships at Palestine-Gaza
  • Starting from February 2006 Ghada Gomaa, had a exclusive academic partnership at Oman Muscat, and in the year 2007 another exclusive partnership at The Sudan
  •  Ghada Gomaa, was working parallel to the business etiquette training from the year 1998 till the current recent moment delivering different Television programs of Social Etiquette
  • Ghada started with Education Channel-Nile Sate with a etiquette program, called “El Zok El Rafiee” from the year 1998 till the year 2004
  • From the year 2001 till March 2005 an etiquette television program, weekly at Channel 2 titled “Forsetak Been Edeek”
  • Ghada in October 2005 till February 2009 was weekly on air, at El Fadaeya El Masreya, for 60 minutes social etiquette program with the title “Fengan Kahwa-Etiquette”
  • In the in between since 1998 till 2009 different interviews, on Channel 1, another fixed recorded program on Channel 2 (Sefsafa) from the year 2005 till the year 2008
  • Other popping television show and interviews, on Boghdadia, ART, Orbit, Dream, Yemen TV and others
  • This in addition to “Sabah El Kheir ya Arab” a recorded talk on Soute El Arab from the year 2004 till the current moment
  • Ghada made other few popping interviews, to El Shabab wel Reyada, Ezaet El Askandaria, and others……..
  • A fixed radio program with Negoom FM (El Bet Betna), monthly program
  • A fixed article with ElGomhoria called El Zok El Rafie
  • Friday Evening on Rotan Masreya-TV life Show
  • El Kahira El Youm – with Amr Adib – five hours on Sunday June 8th 2014 commenting the presidential ceremony on all protocol tips and bits
  • Tahrir Channel on Week End with Maha Bahnassy
  • El fadaeya El Masreya with Maha Adel El Hayah Helwa
  • On Family Channel – Nile Sat with Manal El Shafie – Esha Sa7
  • On MES Channel – Cathedral with Olfat Kamal


Ghada Gomaa Encountering the Middle East

  • Egypt
  • Yemen
  • Syria
  • Dubai
  • Kuwait
  • Jordan
  • Afghanistan
  • Palestine-Gaza
  • The Sudan
  • Qatar


Ghada Gomaa Business Profile-Egypt

  • Shell of Egypt
  • Emmar
  • Amer Group
  • Metro Market Staff
  • Awlad Ragab Staff
  • Allianz-Arab International Insurance Company
  • Radio and Television Institute
  • Misr El Khir-Edrak
  • Coca Cola Egypt
  • CIB
  • Methanes
  • MobiNil
  • Egyptian American Bank/Credit Agricole
  • Egyptian British Bank
  • Barclays Bank
  • NSGB/National Societe General
  • Arab Bank
  • United Bank
  • Watany Bank-AWB
  • Ahli United Bank-AUB
  • National Bank of Egypt-NBE
  • Peraeus Bank
  • BNP Paribas - QNB
  • Audi Bank
  • Conrad Hotel
  • Nile Hilton
  • Ramsis Hilton
  • Movempick Heliopolis
  • Movempick Media City
  • Movempick Gonna
  • Movempick Qusar
  • Abercrombie & Kent  Egypt Company (Tourism)
  • Elegant Voyage
  • Dar El Fouad Hospital
  • Exceed
  • Orascom Hotels and Development
  • Orascom Constructions Industries
  • British Council Agoza and Helipolis
  • Procter and Gamble
  • Protec Nokia-Raya
  • Enppi


Ghada Gomaa-Business Profile-Middle East

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait
  • MTN Yemen-Telecommunication
  • MTN Syria-Telecommunication
  • MTN Afghanistan-Telecommunication
  • MTN Sudan-Telecommunication
  • Jawwal Palestine-Delivered in Egypt
  • Bank of Palestine-Delivered in Egypt
  • Zien Kuwait
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Kuwait 2004 - 2012
  • Movenpick Dubai
  • Movenpick Yemen
  • Movenpick Dead Sea
  • Movenpick Petra
  • Movenpick Aqaba
  • Movenpick Bahrain
  • Movenpick Qatar
  • Movenpick Maddinah
  • British Council Jordan
  • Global Kuwait
  • Dal Group Sudan
  • Syria Airlines
  • TOTAL Yemen
  • Aljazeera Training Centre-Qatar

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