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As the 150 training consultants are professionally academic and practicionists at the same time, so consultation, is also one of the business activities, which are required, to capsulate, the tools and know how, to our business partner clients.

What Is HRM?
• HRM consists of the policies, practices, and decisions that concern making effective and efficient use of the employees of an organization in order to achieve the organization's objectives.  

HRM Functions
  • Job Analysis
  • Recruiting & Selection
  • Performance Appraisal
  • Training & Development
  • Compensation
  • Safety & Health

Job Analysis
  • A process to identify and determine in detail the particular job duties and requirements.
  • Determines the importance of the different jobs and their hierarchy within the Organization.
  • Establishes and documents the 'job relatedness' of employment procedures such as training, selection, compensation, and performance appraisal.

Recruiting & Selection
  • Successful recruitment and selection is an important factor in contributing to the organization's ability to attract and retain its employees
  • Reduction in staff turnover reduces costs i.e advertising/training costs
  • Creates a good impression of the organization thus encouraging potential candidates to apply

Performance Appraisal
  • Essential for the effective management and evaluation of staff.
  • Appraisals help develop individuals, improve organizational performance,
  • Directly related to the employees' compensation scheme within the organization.

Training & Development
  • Improving the performance of the organization's workforce and enhancing the services provided to customers.
  • Attracting and retaining a knowledgeable and skilled workforce.
  • Resulting in performance improvement that is measurable
  • Orienting the staff of the organization's core activities

  • Systematic approach to providing monetary value to employees in exchange for work performed.
  • Achieves several purposes assisting in recruitment, job performance, and job satisfaction
  • May be adjusted according the business needs, goals, and available resources
  • Handling all forms of payment for the employees including salaries, bonuses, profit-share...

Safety & Health
  • Improving the health and productivity of the staff.
  • Increases the retention rate by providing work security for staff
  • Improving organization's image in the market

  • Pay for performance (salary increase in proportion to performance contribution)
  • Incentive compensation system (Bonus system / profit share)
  • Job enrichment
  • Rewards for performance (Employee of the month)
  • Proper structure for the sales department

Training Requirements
  • Presentation skills
  • Negotiation skills
  • Consultative selling
  • Prospecting
  • Closing the deal

Sales and Marketing Scope
  • Segmenting the market (geographical segmentation)
  • Defining the target market(s)
  • Prospecting
  • Marketing mix
  • Customers' awareness
  • Positioning
  • Reach ( accessibility)

I- Marketing Research
  • Identifying and recommending of required research areas
  • Selection and recruitment of research agency
  • Co-briefing of research agency on research problems and objectives
  • Integrating research results into marketing plans

II- Marketing Management
  • Developing marketing communication strategy and objectives
  • Selection and recruitment and strategic briefing of company advertising agency
  • Structuring marketing department to deliver upon marketing plan
  • Co-building of corporate communication visual identity

Consultation Channels
Field visits: Guaranteed 16 man-hours/ month
Telephone: 2 hours/ month
Emails: Unlimited
Turn around time is 3 business days.

Other Marketing Services Rendered
I- Managing marketing research programs through third party
II- Developing an integrated marketing communication plan
III- Structuring tailored marketing functional manuals
IV- Marketing Training Modules Implementation

Fundamentals of Computing
Introduction to Computer and Microsoft Windows
• What is a Computer?
• What is the hardware construction of a computer?
• How does a computer work?
• What is the OS (Operating System)?
• Using Microsoft Windows
• How do computers communicate?
• Brief about the Internet.

Fundamentals of Microsoft Office Suite (Microsoft Word, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Outlook)

• What is Microsoft Office Programs (Suite) do?
• What are the benefits of using the Microsoft Office Suite?
• What does it facilitates?
• The Microsoft Office Suite Layouts.
• Using the Software Workspace.
• Documents Creation and Management.
• Transferring data between different types of documents.
• Creating a whole project using Microsoft Office Suite.

Advanced Levels for Microsoft Office Suite
• Creating Macros
• Using Notations
• Organization Charts
• Automatic Calculations ( Excel Only )
• Character Mapping and Formulas ( Excel and Word )
• Themes and Styles
• Sound and Animations ( PowerPoint Only )


Networking Security
•General Guidance

•Security Policy

•Operating Systems and Applications: Versions and Updates

•Know Your Network

•TCP/UDP Servers and Services on the Network


•Do Not Run Code From Non-Trusted Sources

•Block Certain E-Mail Attachment Types

•Follow the Concept of Least Privilege

•Application Auditing

•Network Printer

•Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)

•Network Security Testing

Perimeter Routers and Firewalls
•Host Security
•TCP/IP Filters
•Logging and Debugging
•General Recommendations

Windows NT 40 and Windows 2000
•Service Packs and Hot fixes
•List of NT/Windows 2000 Security Measures

CISCO Networking
Chapter 1- Networking Basics
• Introduction to Networking
• Networking Fundamentals
• Networking Media
• Cable Testing
• Cabling LANs and WANs
• Ethernet Fundamentals
• Ethernet Technologies
• Ethernet Switching
• TCP/IP Protocol Suite and IP Addressing
• Routing Fundamentals and Subnets
• TCP/IP Transport and Application Layers

Chapter 2- Routers and Routers Basics
• WANs and Routers
• Introduction to Routers
• Configuring a Router
• Learning about Other Devices
• Managing Cisco IOS Software
• Routing and Routing Protocols
• Distance Vector Routing Protocols
• TCP/IP Suite Error and Control Messages
• Basic Router Troubleshooting
• Intermediate TCP/IP
• Access Control Lists (ACLs)

Chapter 3- Switching Basics and Intermediate
• Introduction to Classless Routing
• Single-Area OSPF
• Switching Concepts
• Switches
• Switch Configuration
• Spanning-Tree Protocol
• Virtual LANs
• Virtual Trunking Protocol

Chapter 4- WAN Technologies
• Scaling IP Addresses
• WAN Technologies
• ISDN and DDR
• Frame Relay
• Introduction to Network Administration

Web Development

Understanding The Process

•An Introduction To Layout Designing.

•Professional Step-by-step Guide To Web Designing.
•Incorporate your client's detail.
•Make Layout Web Compatible.
•Provide links
•Search Engine & Meta Tags.
•Search engine submission.

Assumed Least Knowledge of: ( Also Available as Training Courses )

•Internet Fundamentals
•Basics of Color
•Adobe Photoshop
•Microsoft Frontpage
•Macromedia Flash

Protocol is the art of being exposed to different cultures and the art of gluing between these cultures. In Protocol consultation, it is to access which cultures; businessmen or diplomats will be exposed to; where they will dig business channels.

In protocol, there are 150 different cultures, and after the assessment, then will be decided which cultures; people will be trained on; to get the dos and taboos of each culture. 

They also get to know the Business Etiquette global rules, to deal tactfully, without being trapped in any cultural sticky situations.

As for Business Etiquette, they are 299 training programs. All these programs are hitting all professional different levels; starting from the top management, middle management, customer care staff, administrative staff members, secretaries, leaders, supervisors; to the park valet, office boys, messengers, drivers etc. 

Business Etiquette training program, are necessary for all to speak the same professional language and to make a kind of uniformity of performance to reflect the same professional image.

Before conducting the training, a pre-assessment focus individual groups are conducted, upon which, business etiquette program is tailored; as to hit the inter-personal professional need of the staff and organization.

Business Etiquette training program, delivered after the assessment consultation, are to better the secretarial performance, customer care staff professionalism in handling customers for loyalty, not only satisfaction, managers to manage difficult subordinates, colleagues, co-workers and others. 

Business Etiquette training program also handle leadership from a different concept, of Sheepherding which Vs Shepherding and how to deal with people you cannot stand at the work place as to get the job done.

Assertiveness not Submissive nor Aggressive is a management tool participants learn to practice in business etiquette from A to Z Professionalism.

To better your professional performance, for a win-win policy, to be on the top of the edge of business competition, to swim with market sharks, to be an eagle of management, 2222 business etiquette global rules, are needed to be acquires, and all are delivered in the business etiquette program, after the business etiquette assessment consultation, to deliver YOU only your professional need.


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