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Tune your Stress with Etiquette

Q1- What is Stress?
A1- Stress is:
• Stress is the gap between your dreams and reality
• Stress is the unawareness of your abilities with the external capabilities
• Stress is the result of false expectations and assumptions to externals
• Stress is when you dream, and not to work on your dreams
• Stress is a result of losing your enthusiasm and turning to be careless
• Stress is a result of dealing with indifference with matters and others
• Stress is a result of “Thinking that you know” and that others do not Know
• Stress is a result of escaping reality or problems
• Stress is a result of being envious or evil
• Stress is a result of lack of your ability to forgive
• Stress is a result of being a one track minded person
• Stress is a result of your egoism
• Stress is a result of your selfish attitude
• Stress is a result of barrier of communication
• Stress is your lack of acceptance
• Stress is your insistence on your Needs and resistance to yours Wants and Haves
• Stress is when you try to change others, and the only person you can change, is your self
• Stress is when you judge others, blame people, and minding business of others
• Stress is when you compare your self with others
• Stress is when you want what others have
• Stress is when you only listen to your self, and block your ears to others
• Stress is when you think of revenging
• Stress is when you count on others, to be dependent and not independent
• Stress is when you turn to be a money maker, and keep it as your only goal
• Stress is when you think of taking without thinking of how to give
• Stress is when you act like a “God like Figure on Earth”
• Stress is when you think, you are the best of the best
• Stress is when you talk or act with preparing or thinking
• Stress is when time drops through your fingers
• Stress is when you put your self in a different community, or different culture
• Stress is when you do not have a clear vision, of what to do, when to do, how to do, where to do, with whom to be done
• Stress is when you do not have the “tools and know how”
• Stress is when you are aggressive or submissive
• Stress is when you commit your self, what is beyond your abilities
• Stress is in your lack of the social intelligence
• Stress is when you isolate your self, with your thoughts, worries and needs
• Stress is when you are imprisoned in an idea or belief
• Stress is when you lose your link with God

Q2- What are the symptoms of stress?
A2- Symptoms of stress are:
• Headache
• Over smoking
• Over eating
• Losing of appetite
• Addiction
• Workaholic
• Drunken
• Nerves
• Coughing
• Sneezing
• Wrong decision
• Negative aggression
• Feeling of revenge
• Pessimistic
• Extremeness
• Womanizer
• Over sex
• Lack of sexual needs
• Gaining weight
• Losing weight
• Partial deafness
• Sight loss
• Sight weakness
• Heat problems
• Blood problems
• Bladder problems
• Sterility
• Cancer
• Bone problems
• Shyness
• Physical fatigue
• Loss of interest
• Sense of superiority
• Sense of inferiority
• Not to be impeccably groomed

Q3- How to over come stress?
A3- To overcome stress, or to manage your stress, or to fine tune your stress, in a life melody is as follows:
• Know what you need and want what you have
• Great to dream and the greatest is to work on your dream
• Accept what is in hand
• Mind your own business
• Do not judge others
• Do not expect nor assume
• Do not out shine your master
• Do not envy people
• Do not want what belong to others
• Learn to forgive
• Learn to give
• Learn to find excuses and motives to others actions
• Do not blame others
• Do not demonstrate authority
• Do not think of proving who is right and who is wrong
• Think of your abilities not your disabilities
• Speak what you can do not what you cannot do
• Avoid any discouraging sources
• Learn from your experience, and others experience
• Learn to listen to others
• Never lament nor regret, but think of what you can better and develop
• Do not wait for others to start or initiate, you start and you initiate
• Start with please and end with thank you
• Do not be one track minded, nor narrow minded
• Be an open minded person
• Be sociable and do not socialize
• Be friendly but not over friendly
• Be humble and do not be arrogant
• Plan before you start, and be ready with alternatives
• Do not gossip or give a bad mouthing about others
• Believe that “You own the Problem”
• Do not keep your self busy planning, as life is happening when you are busy planning
• Invest in your self, by learning, observing, and experiencing
• Build rapport with people and never burn bridges
• Focus on God’s blessings and people’s

Q4- Heard some people saying that stress could be positive and could be negative, is this true, and how?
A4- Stress is like body temperature, where you cannot live without it. If there is no stress, this means, you are a dead living person.

Stress is the internal conflict inside and outside any human being, as to choose between right or wrong, between feeling of love and feeling of hatred and between being good and evil, so stress is a natural healthy human phenomenon.

As this natural human phenomena, which is called stress, could be a positive motive, to fight more than a battle at a time, in your life time, as long as war is on.

Stress is positive, when it works as a tool of keeping enthusiasm, and helping you to be per servant to achieve your planned goal.

Stress is positive, if it helps you to work on failure, to reach success. To find your human potentiality, and to function it, to move and step forward, in life marathon.

Stress is positive, when you are able to function your aggression into positive constructive one, and not into negative destructive aggression. The negative destructive aggression, is where you think of revenging from others and yourself. It is where is always blame your self, or others, without thinking to find a room out. It is where you try to conceal speaking your weakness, and reveal that it is the mistake of others.

But stress turns to be a positive tool, to face your human weakness, and behavioral drew backs and deformities, as to work either on accepting them or bettering and developing them.

Stress is a positive tool, where you think that you are so unique to God’s creation, as to believe in your power and strength.

Stress is positive, when you are able to forgive, and to understand as to reach understanding, to get the job done right and to have fun. It is to know tactfully how to get the best juice out of people, you are dealing with.

But stress turns to be negative, if you start complaining and resisting. When you start blaming others. When you turn to be an egoist and one track minded, when you turn to hear others not to listen to them. When you start comparing what you have from what others have. When you turn not to accept and want what in hand. When you start just dreaming, and waiting for others to work on your dreams. When you turn to be careless, and deal with indifference. When you want to destroy and revenge. When you run out of time, and suffer lack of finding room out, alternative and solutions. When you start speaking you disabilities and what you cannot do. When you expect and assume, and wait for other’s thank you.

Negative stress, is when you stop forgiving and this is because you do not know how to love, as to give and not only to take.


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