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Love is the Attitude of Professionalism

There comes the day when we all aim to have a wonderful successful life. At work, we are all keen to improve and to create a successful atmosphere. However, relationships between managers and subordinates, and employees and customers pass through different stages where disagreements prevail and the anger is spread in the air. The only cure for all the negative feelings that we find at work is LOVE. Love is the basis of achievement and achievement means success.

Deep within your heart
Find a place for me
Cuddle me inside
Embrace me, don't let go

Love is the syrup of life, the beam in the dark forest. Can anyone live without love? I guess not! It is one of the deepest prints in humanity. How to maintain this wonderful feeling at work? How to push away all what comes between you and your work partner?

Love embraces the differences and individuality. Having your own space is the main foundation of a healthy and mature relationship. Mankind tends to feel threatened in any relationship when it comes to freedom. The managers' strong sense of possession only drives their subordinates and employees away. That is because this possession makes them feel condemned to an everlasting professional life in a golden cage.

Love is to listen and communicate with one another. It is time to understand that silence and submission is of no use. How can we be frank and open if we are silent all the time? Through communication, not only can managers and subordinates resolve all the disagreements, but they can also move one step forward each time towards a consistent everlasting professional relationship. In addition to that, it is wise for both to enrich their souls by sharing all their needs and aspirations. It is wise for both to climb the ladder of success by achieving the mutual understanding through communication. Moreover, each part in a professional relationship fears the unknown, feels insecure and is always seeking stability, how can we eliminate the fear and put the seed of adventure and certainty in our hearts if we do not talk about it openly? Communication is of a great essence to a solid relationship.

Love is as love does. As a manager, you should understand your subordinates and their needs and aspirations and vice versa. The same case goes for the relationship between customers and employees. Indifference to each other's needs and desires is but a tool with which the flame of love fades away. At work, you should always be affectionate and show compassion with your work partners. Lack of understanding and communication only give birth to anger which is considered to be a fatal weapon for the destruction of any relationship.

Love is to try to discuss any conflict aiming at moving forward and solving disagreements instead of showing who is to blame and point fingers. When there is a conflict, you should not tackle it as a win or lose situation. On the contrary, you should try to find solution to end it without pointing fingers and throwing blame. A professional loving relationship is one in which we do not lead or follow but walk hand in hand and side by side.

Hand in hand, we'll cross the road
Side by side, we'll be in one boat
Step by step, we'll climb the sky
And together, we'll climb very high

Love is to know how to love yourself. Live your present because the past has gone and your fear from the unknown future only makes you lose all the enjoyable moments in our present. Finally, being professional never meant putting our emotions aside for the sense of a family in a team work has always been and will always be an effective tool for success and productivity.

Be the wind beneath my wings, and I’ll be the wind beneath yours.


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