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Etiquette Passage to Art of Motherhood

Motherhood is an “Art”, it is not just a profession.‎

Definition of a Mother

• Mother is her child’s gate to life
• Mother is where action talks not intentions
• Mother is a walking encyclopedia in spite of illiteracy; sometimes ‎
• Mother is a model role
• Mother is the source of security and life information‎
• Mother is the mother land to her child
• Mother is a learning process and phenomena
• Mother is an incubator to her child’s skills
• Mother is her child’s life experience
• Mother is her child’s pre-scenario
• Mother is her child’s past, current step and future landscape
• Mother is her child’s fairy tale
• Mother is her child’s day dream or night mare
• Mother is three in one, soul, mind and body
• Mother is a yesterday, for the child of today, and grandma of tomorrow
• Mother is an archive for ethics and values
• Mother is a recorded message and a historical video tape
• Mother is her child’s gate to heaven or hell
• Mother is her child’s Bible
• Mother is her child’s incredible woman

How to be an Effective Mother‎
• Believe that your child is not a personal property but just and ‎expansion
• Recognize and make a moment of discovery to your weakness and ‎drew backs, and work on developing and bettering your self, before ‎bringing up your child
• Learn to bring up your self first and then comes your child’s turn
• Respect your parents, if you want you child to respect you
• Compose your manners, as your child to be composed
• Do not criticize your child in public and respect his humanity
• Do not give a bad mouthing about others, in front of your child, as he is ‎always in a monkey stage
• When you reprimand your child, when reprimand is over; it is over; do ‎not pile up or make him a mistake achieve
• If you punish or award your child, it has to be relevant to his actions
• Before being a fisher of mistakes, to your child, you have to fish him ‎doing something right, for mutual trust and understanding
• Keep confidentiality of your child and never speak it out to ancestors or ‎relatives ‎
• Do not compare your child, to another, even his brothers or sisters‎
• Keep with your child quality time, not just quantity
• With your child, do not blame, nor compare or demonstrate authority
• Give him a space to share and participate
• Deal with your child as a good conductor to positive and negative ‎waves
• Show love to your husband, in front of your child, as to register themes ‎and scenes of love, this is an in put, and will be an out coming one day
• Inherit your child, reputation and credibility not only money
• Delegate your child responsibilities, as to work on developing his ‎maturity instinct
• Keep rapport with God, as your child, will keep this holly rapport after ‎then

Stages and Roles of Motherhood
• First Stage is the first seven year, where a mother is to be and ideal ‎role model, it is where mothers, are to bring up themselves, before ‎bringing up their kids. Kids in this stage do just copy and imitate. ‎During this stage never blame, criticize, reprimand or correct your child, ‎because he is a photo copier
• Second Stage is from the age of seven to the age of nine, where ‎mothers, are to train and direct their kids, but without, punishment, and ‎keep always enhancing self esteem, but focus on the wrong, provide ‎solutions and alternatives, to help him/her to better themselves
• Third Stage is from the age of nine till adolescence, where parents, ‎can start criticizing and sometimes, reprimanding or punishing, but ‎what is relevant to the action or mistake
• Forth Stage is from adolescence and up, where, friends and outsiders, ‎are more effective than mothers, and parents. In this stage, parents, ‎are to advice or consult, if children asks for it. Mothers are not to judge ‎or interfere, except through a friendship spirit, without any kind of ‎embarrassing but dealing with minds, and on a maturity level

Your child, is God’s blessing to you, do not humiliate your child, just ‎give it a second though, if one day, you will lose him/her, you will spend ‎life time regretting and lamenting. Deal with your child in humanity, do ‎not humiliate him and save his pride, for him/her to respect you aging.‎


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