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Etiquette Passage to Freedom

Q1- What is Freedom?
A1- Freedom is:
• To do Right things not only Things Right
• To think of what to say, when to say, how to say, where to say, which one to say, to whom it is to be said
• To think of what to do, when to day, how to do, where to do, which one to do, to whom it is to be done
• Take two before you behave
• Freedom, is not to step on the toes of the humanity of others
• Freedom, is to save your pride
• Freedom, is to give and take
• Freedom, is not to be fished doing mistakes
• Freedom, is not to learn how to eat a fish, but to know how to fish
• Freedom, is not to repeat the same mistake twice
• Freedom, is to find excuse to actions of others, and the motive behind their actions
• Freedom, is your ability to forgive people
• Freedom, is the ability to understand, for understanding and not to think to agree
• Freedom, is how to function your social intelligence in cooping with others, and fixing your self, in the social jig-saw of others
• Freedom, is how to be smart in handling sticky situations tactfully, and finding a room out
• Freedom, is how to find a room for development and bettering
• Freedom, is how you are socially accepted
• Freedom, is to get the job done right and to have fun
• Freedom, is how to be always a quality person, not quantity person
• Freedom, is to know what you need, and want what you have
• Freedom, is your ability of time management, and level of achievement
• Freedom, is your awareness of your ability, and the external capabilities, to prioritize your goals
• Freedom, is when you are assertive and not submissive nor aggressive
• Freedom, is how to function your aggression into positive aggression
• Freedom, is to keep your zone, and not to step into others personal zone
• Freedom, is your ability to empathize, not to sympathize, which is your ability to put yourself, in others shoes
• Freedom, is your ability to control, gossiping or giving a bad mouthing about others
• Freedom, is not to blame others, for your mistakes, and to think positively, how to make up the situation, so it is your positive thinking, that “I Own the Problem”

Q2- Is freedom to do all what I want?
A2- No freedom is not to do all what you want. As, freedom is not to be a hooligan, nor to act bluntly.
Freedom, is also to do all what you want, under condition, of not to scratch the humanity of others
Freedom, is the art of composing your manners, as not to be fished, doing something wrong
Freedom, is how you make a good use, of your mistakes, and not to repeat, your or others history as it is
Freedom, is not in imitative actions, but choosing, the right suitable action, which fits, with yourself and community

Q3- So freedom, is to be so strict to myself, and so tough, as well.
A3- To be tough and strict, to yourself, only when you are a hooligan, barbarous, and bluntly; behaved. But through freedom, you are so soft and flexible to yourself and others; as you think before you behave (act or say)

Q4- When it comes to freedom at my clothes, and food, so these are the only two actions, where I can do all what I want?
A4- As we said, freedom, is to be socially accepted, and too much food, or unhealthy food, will turn you, either to gain too much weight, or to look pale, and in this case, you are socially criticized, and not accepted.
Then when it comes to clothes, you have to put in mind, your body deformities, as to think before choosing the suitable style, matching and concealing your body drew backs.
So in this case, you cannot say, you are totally free, to eat or wear anything, at anytime, as a false belief in freedom

Q5- So freedom, turns to be a prison, and I hate to be caged and cornered?
A5- Freedom is to be broad minded, to listen, absorb, and then to choose what is suitable. You are only caged and cornered, if you are one track minded, so you are imprisoned, in just one idea, and your ears, mind and heart, are caging themselves, in just a personal view, and not open to the world around.

Q6- Then I am free to speak out my point of view in others, or in situations?
A6- Sure you are free to speak out what ever you want, but under condition, to choose the right words, phrase and rephrase them, in a human way, choose the right time and place to speak your view out, without positioning your self, in a God like figure, as you are not there to judge others.

Q7- Am I free to love, or do I have to control my emotions?
A7- Love is a divine emotional feeling. We are all free to love. But even in this emotional freedom you have to think, and categories people who deserve this love.
Also you have to define, the methodology, of expressing this loves
Think of what you are going to give, and what will you take.
Put in mind, that love, is not to sacrifice or to be slaved, but love, is a powerful element, as to be able to give and take, to keep this relation, a drew result.
Freedom is love, is to speak your needs, and to listen to the needs of others.
Freedom in love is to know how to differentiate between loving God, parents, career, academic love, sweet heart, maternal and paternal love, life loving, and on the top of all, loving your self.
So freedom in love, is to keep your heart opened vast to all levels of love and it is your flexibility to make it a distinguished relation, and emotional levels of satisfaction.

• Freedom is composing your thoughts and adjusting them with your behavior
• Freedom is your flexibility to mix and match your needs with your abilities and surrounded capabilities, and to want the results in hands
• Freedom is never to step on the toes of others
• Freedom is to save your pride and humanity and never to scratch humanity or pride of others
• Freedom is not to repeat the same mistake twice, as the mistake is in repeating the same mistake
• Freedom, is to say “I Own the Problem” and never to blame others, for your mistake
• Freedom, is not to be a God like Figure on Earth, and not to give your self to judge others, but to mind only your own business
• Freedom, is not to belittle others, or to mock their actions, or to be in a satirical position
• Freedom, is not to put your self in a superior state over others, and to treat others inferiorly
• Freedom, is to be humble and not arrogant in dealing with people
• Freedom, is to succeed in managing your time, and to be able to work and achieve more than a task and a goal at once and parallel to each other
• Freedom, is to function your aggression, into positive aggression and not into negative aggression
• Freedom, is to function your positive thinking and not your negative thinking
• Freedom, is to function your positive human elements and not your negative human elements
• Freedom, is your awareness, that you are a mixture of many contradictory human elements
• Freedom, is to let others, miss the opportunity, on fishing your mistakes
• Freedom, is how to act tactfully in sticky or critical situations
• Freedom, is your social intelligence, functioned when necessary, and to minimize your human loss, and your awareness, that “Gain is counted by minimum of human loss”


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