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Etiquette of Setting Life Goals

Definition of a Goal
• A Goal is different than a Wish
• A Wish is something you are dreaming of, and could not be achieved
• A Goal is something you want to achieve, and you can plan for
• A Goal is voice of your internal human need
• A Goal is when working on what you need, not only to want what you have
• A Goal is when your internal abilities matches the external capabilities
• A Goal is human need to step forward
• When analyzing your objectives into tips and bits, so it turns to be a number of Goals
• A Goal is a positive mental status and a psychological phenomena to perseverance to continuity

What are Types of Goals?

1. Personal Individual Goal

• It is what will make you self satisfaction when achieved
• It is your human internal self need
• It is the spiritual and moral human internal voice
• Sometimes it is against the will of all people around
• It is how you want to BE

2. Career Goal

• It is your professional business vision
• It is your self business career development
• It is your prestige among society
• It is where you generate money to earn your living
• It is where you consume your energy for partial regular achievement
• It is where you find your self daily or on regular basics

3. Physical Goal

• It is the shape you want to see your self like
• It is the self control on hunger and thirst instinct
• It is your sports and physical training regime
• It is your clothes and attire
• It is your self and personal grooming
• It is your human personal image, in the eyes of others
• It is your body complexion and new look need
• It is your features and body language signals

4. Educational Goal

• It is your self mental development
• It is what you learn more, to better your self
• It is the Will for self knowledge increase
• It is how to over come self ignorance
• It is how to achieve self confident
• It is the passage to know “ To Do or not To Do”

5. Family Domestic Goal

• It is your marital status
• It is seeking life security and stability
• It is satisfaction of the sexual instinct
• It is kids and life continuity
• It is home and fulfilling others needs
• It is group satisfaction not only self one
• It is dreaming into others not only your self
• It is enjoying seeing others achieving, what you are not able to do nor achieve

6. Materialistic Goal

• It is your home, car, bank account and monthly income
• It is tools for life facilitation and security
• It is the reserve to be able to help others
• It is what you have, to help others in achieving their goals
• It is a mean for living a luxurious life
• It is how to live without being in debt
• It is what you use in educational and self development
• It is what helps in setting and achieving more than a goal
• It is how to manage the capabilities with life needs

7. Health Goal

• It is self and hygienic care as not to be exhausted
• It is how to save your self from sickness
• It is how to be self dependent and not an independent
• It is how to live with pride, dignity and save your humanity
• It is your ability to work and achieve
• It is your tool to keep a healthy mental status
• It is how to overcome stress
• It is how to eat, sleep, work, learn, relax etc
• It is your life action plan
• It is the energizer to live and not to survive
• It is how to live without pains or make pains to a minimum

8. Life Goal

• It is the answer of all the WH Questions of your own believes, in the reason of your living
• It is how you worked out on creating your human print, to print it out to humanity
• It is the proverb you will leave to others, to continue living after you leave
• It is how to capsulate your life experience and philosophy to make it for others easy to use
• It is your added value from you to humanity

If you are able to understand all the above consequently you will be able to set your goals.

Setting your Goals needs the following:

• To want what you have
• Know what you need
• Be aware of your potentiality
• Awareness of your weaknesses
• Accept your weakness
• Know how to develop or better some weaknesses
• Mix and match between you abilities and external capabilities
• Priorities your goals
• Design action plans
• Be ready with contingency plans
• Believe that trial is experience
• Learn from your success and failure
• Get to know that no harm in losing a battle or millions of battles as WAR is still on
• Think of who can help you in achieving your goal
• List your needs to achieve your goals
• Elicit the difficulties in achieving your goals, and prepare for solutions
• Believe in your self that you are an achiever
• If there is a Will there will be a Way

Ghada Salah Gomaa
Business Etiquette & Protocol Consultant
Middle East


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