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Etiquette of Bringing up Kids

Who is my kid?‎
• Is he/she a personal belonging? ‎
• Is he/she private property?‎
• Does he/she have to be similar or resembling parents?‎
• Does he/she a personal product (THING)?‎
• Are they created without personal human characteristic?‎
• Are they to be shaped upon parents’ WILL?‎
• Are they just dummies or human beings?‎
• Are they puppets in the hands of parents?‎
• Are they a rack where parents to hang on their hatred and desperate?‎
• Are they there to be humiliated?‎
• Are they there to study only?‎
• Are they there to obey and follow without knowing why?‎
• Are they to be punished because they look like auntie or uncle?‎
• Are they to pay for bringing them without financially prepared?‎
• Are they to pay for losing our jobs or any economical instability?‎
• Are they to pay for a new project start, or business load?‎
• Are they to pay for parents’ psychological instability & disturbance?‎
• Are they to pay for parents’ divorce?‎
• Are they to pay for a fight between one of the parents and the boss?‎
• Are they to pay for the increase of prices?‎
• Are ???????????‎

Kids are ………………‎
• They are just extension and not a belonging
• They are an expand not a personal property
• They are different not similar nor resembling
• They are of a different human print and extremely distinguished
• They are unique to God’s creation‎
• They are not tools nor things, they are flesh and blood
• They are having different human elements, of different characteristics
• They are not puppets nor dummies, they are born matured ‎
• They are not a product but they are a result
• They were empty and they are filled
• They are out coming of your in put
• They are just a cut and paste of your human behavioral styles
• They are a mirror of your attitude and behavior
• They are a video camera, recording all your actions
• They are a recorded message, repeating your message
• They are of mixed genus and chromosomes upon parents’ factory
• They have a WILL to CHOOSE but not a WILL to BE
• You are behind their psychological disturbance and instability
• They are a future plant, to your implanted behavioral and ethical seed
• They are a bless from God
• Without them, you will never be MUM nor DAD ‎
• They are to be saved not humiliated
• They are a pearl of a heart

How to Bring Kids up?‎
• Be a role model, they will imitate and copy
• Never criticize them in public
• Fish them doing something right
• Praise before you criticize
• Show Love and Forgiveness
• Bring up yourself, before bringing them up
• Make up your attitude and behavior before bringing them up
• They are not the reason behind your divorce, it is YOU
• They are not giving a bad mouthing to your boss about you
• They are not filling your Employee Assessment Form
• They are not a hidden factor behind price increase
• They are not the ones who decided to be your KID
• He is not the one who had chosen you as his/her parent
• Do not compare him/her with anybody, even himself
• Do not demonstrate authority, neither of money nor position ‎
• Do not blame him/her for a mistake, it is already done, better solve
• Share with him opinions, do not be a dictator
• Do not punish him, for failure, but share all his success stories
• Give your self time to discover him/her; sure they are potential
• Demonstrate him flexibility, as for him to act with flexibility
• Do not criticize to prove right or wrong, but provide solutions
• Criticize him by pausing questions, to give him/her time to elaborate
• Honor your word with him/her; promise the minimum and achieve the ‎maximum
• Do not tell a lie, be sure he will be always honest and frank
• Do not use profanities, certainly, he/she will be polite
• Let him/her feel love and appreciation, consequently, they will be ‎happy and creative
• Listen carefully to him/her, they will show interest to all your comments
• Respect their needs and wants, they will work with your advice ‎
• Let them participate all family plans, they will be your future strategic ‎planners
• Plan them fantastic outings, they will adore your companionship
• If you value him/her; they will never devalue you; chain reaction
• Believe that you are his/her Gate to Life
• You are his/her only source of knowledge and information; so do not be ‎false, and try to be a true one
• If he/she is discouraging, so you are his discouraging source
• Be a remarkable page in his Life History
• Leave a positive human print in his/her life
• Recognize his abilities and capabilities, and work on enhancing them
• Do not focus on his disabilities as it is a swift moral killer
• Build human bridge and keep rapport with him/her; they are useful in ‎your adulthood
• Your kid, is your contingency future plan, of what you were not able to ‎achieve; but not your doublers/duplicates ‎
• Capsulate and brief up your life experience, he/she is a continuity, they ‎do not have to repeat the same passage, cause of lack of information
• Let him/her live not only survive, by adding life to year, not only years ‎to life
• Role them a model of a tactful life fighter, for them to have endless ‎hopes, not hopeless ends
• Be for them an ideal figure of how to do right things, not things right
• Show them, how to be them SELVES not for them to show their ‎ELVES
Show them that Life is a Coffee, not a Cup of Coffee

Ghada Salah Gomaa
Business Etiquette & Protocol Consultant
Middle East


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