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Etiquette & Customer Care as a Art

Define Customer Care?
• Customer Care is a Life Style
• Customer Care is a Philosophy of Performance
• Customer Care is a Concept
• Customer Care when “No” is not in your dictionary
• Customer Care is a Human Methodology in dealing with others
• Customer Care is to exceed expectations of others
• Customer Care is never to build Assumptions nor Expectations
• Customer Care is how to leave an unforgettable moment
• Customer Care is your Human Print on the life of others
• Customer Care is your ability to Express not to Impress
• Customer Care is to Empathize not to Sympathize
• Customer Care is “I” and “We” not THEY
• Customer Care is “The Art of Listening”
• Customer Care is where you say “I Own the Problem”
• Customer Care is a Chain Reaction
• Customer Care is your ability to Forgive
• Customer Care is where Actions count not Intentions
• Customer Care is where you do “Right Things” not “Things Right”
• Customer Care is where you add “Life to Years” not “Years to Life”
• Customer Care is an “Endless Hope” not a “Hopeless End”
• Customer Care is how to function your Aggression Positively not Negatively

Define Customer Today?
• Customer is Aware but Ignorant
• Customer is Fashionable but Uncivilized
• Customer is Targeted
• Customer is not Satisfied
• Customer is Disloyal
• Customer is Price Oriented, Quantity Oriented, and Quality Oriented
• Customer is Time Oriented and has no Value of Time
• Customer is a Mixture of Many Contradictory Elements
• Customer is a Demanding Person
• Customer is not Understanding
• Customer is Trouble Maker
• Customer is a Fisher of Mistakes
• Customer is not Always Right, but has all the RIGHTS
• Customer is Mean and Greedy
• Customer is a Tool of Marketing
• Customer is a Word of a Mouth
• Customer is a Disabled Human Being

How to be a Customer Care Oriented?
• Do not live in an Era of Blamers
• Be always ready with alternatives
• Be prepared with a pre-scenario
• Be ready with solutions
• Do not outshine your master
• Know what to continue doing
• Know what to change
• Know what to stop
• Do not prove who is right and who is wrong
• Think to BETTER
• Sell benefits not features
• Be an active listener to be a professional conversationalist
• Know how to change the subject tactfully
• Hone on the five senses of your customer positively
• Be tactful at asking questions
• Be smart at assessing your customer needs
• Do not jump into conclusions
• Do not let your customer pass the buck
• Do not brush your customer
• Do not fill your customer gaps, he is able to
• Do not add two pence to the situation

How to Sabotage Professional Customer Care Image?
• Not meeting the dead lines
• Lack of follow up process
• Not being punctual
• Not answering phone calls
• Not able to deal with more than a customer
• Not able to handle time robbers
• Bad mouthing about organization, colleagues and competitors
• Function negative body language, postures and facial gestures
• When you blame your customer
• Using negative forms and phrases
• When you do not use digital informative language
• When you take it personal
• When you deal with your customer as if “Thin Air”
• When you give your customer a “Shoulder Phone Call”
• When you break “Rule of 13”, that of accessories
• When you break “Rule of 30”, that of Professional Zone
• When you break “Rule of 12”, that of Personal business zone
• When you mis-use the meta-communication
• When you do not know
• When you are unaware with your job requirements
• When you are in a job as a stepping stone in the business market
• When you take it personal
• When you disposition your self in the organization or in the business market
• When you give your customer an elevator smile not a teeth full smile
• When you speak using eat less words pace
• When you fail to function the right voice volume
• When you fail to function the right voice pitches and tone
• When you fail to speak with a seen heard voice

What are the Major Customer Care’s Problems?
1. “So What Respond”
2. Passing the Buck
3. Brushing your Customer
4. Hiding behind the Rules
5. Negative body Cues and Signals
6. Domineering the Conversation
7. Blaming the Customer
8. Negative Mouthing about Competitors, your Organization and Colleagues

What are the Cardinal Sins in a Face to Face Customer Interaction?
• Chewing Gum
• Negative body posture and facial gestures
• Drinking or eating in front of the customer
• Using sloppy or slang language
• Not to be impeccably groomed
• Giggling
• Side or silent conversation with colleagues
• Showing in-hygienic habits
• Yawing or frowning in front of the customer
• Criticizing a colleague in front of a customer
• Dusty or smoky or messy office
• Using nick names with each other
• Giving a bad comment about a customer in front of another
• Keeping the phone ringing to handle a face to face customer

What does Business Etiquette Advice for Professional Customer Care?


B-Believe in what you are doing and yourself-be an easy person to deal with
E-Enhance customer self esteem and your self esteem
Y-You are unique to God’s creation, so you have unique performance
O-Own the Problem, and do not blame others, solve it
U-Use and speak your abilities, not your disabilities
R-Respect yourself, your organization, competitors, colleagues, and your customer
S-Serve others the way you want be served
E-Elaborate and simplify your information
L-Learn from your experience and learn from others
F-Focus on bettering your performance by being creative


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