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Etiquette in Brief

Questions about First Impression

Q. In my opinion, the phrase, “What can I do for you?” is very condescending. How does it rate with you??
A. You have my cote. Phrases such as “How can I help you?” or “How may I be of assistance to you?” have much better ring.

Q. Do you have any tips for projecting confidence? I’ve just changed jobs and would like to start out on the right foot.
A. Here are a few suggestions:
• Always be a few minutes early for appointments. It will demonstrate that you are in control of your time.
• Be organized. For instance, keep your business cards and pen in fixed locations so you won’t have to search for them.
• Surround yourself with a team of confident staff members. When they project self-assurance, they will be a positive reflection of you.
• Listen 80% and speak 20%, apply the 80/20 Rule
• Observe, learn from your mistakes and experiences of others
• Do not say “It is not my Day” but say “It is my Learning Day”
• Do not do “Things Right” but “Do the Right Thing”
• In business, actions counts not intentions
• There is not any problem in business, but millions of problem creators
• When mistaken, think of solutions and alternatives, a way out
• Do not blame others nor live in an era of blamers, say “I Own the Problem”

Questions about Image Tips for Men

Q. When is it appropriate for men to remove their jackets? I have frequently seen my boss remove his jacket before he sits down in a meeting with customers. Sometimes I question why he even wears one.
A. Business etiquette dictates that a jacket be remove only when the person who has arranged the meeting invites others to do so.

Q. When referring to attire, what does “business casual mean”?
A. This term has frequently been misinterpreted to mean get-togethers or dinners following golf outings. As professionals, you have the responsibility to dress properly as well as comfortably.

For men, business casual can be defined as a crisp pair of slacks with a matching sports shirt and well- maintained footwear. Depending on the occasion, a sport coat may also be appropriate.

Questions about Image Tips for Women

Q. What kind o wardrobe does the term “business casual” imply?
A. For, women, a casual dress may be worn-as long as it isn’t too revealing. If the event is outdoors and the occasion merits, it may also be in order for women to wear a higher-quality pair of slacks or Bermudas (rather than shorts) with a fashionable yet conservative top and matching shoes.
In recent years the “skort” has become a popular addition to women’s wardrobes. Worn with a matching top and/or jacket, it can make a positive business fashion statement-in the appropriate environment, of course

Q. I am a business woman who enjoys wearing earrings and I am considering getting my ears double-pierced. Do you think this will detract from my appearance?
A. Yes. While single piercing is acceptable, double piercing flirts with faddishness

Q. I’m a secretary who recently received a briefcase as a birthday gift. Although I really like it, I’m hesitant to use it for fear of looking pretentious. Is carrying a briefcase appropriate for someone in my position?
A. Certainly! Briefcases are not limited to executives. They are an efficient way to transport paperwork. Use it, by all means

Q. My colleague and I are having a friendly debate. She thinks wearing hosiery is essential during work hours. Since I have a tan, I do not think wearing hosiery is necessary. What is your opinion?
A. No matter what the season, hosiery should always be worn b women in a business environment. And that’s a bare fact of professional life!


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