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Etiquette and Islam

Definition of Etiquette & Protocol

What is Etiquette & Protocol?
Etiquette is the art of composing manners. It is also the answer for all the “WH” questions. What to do, when to do it, how to do it, which action do you have to do, where is it to be done, why you will do it, and to whom it will be done.

Etiquette is to do or say, what you want without others fishing you doing something wrong. It is the science to speak and act tactfully.

Protocol is a Greek word. It is the process of gluing between cultures. Protocol is where you learn the dos and taboos of each culture. In protocol studies, you are exposed to cultures, civilizations and religions; all what affects the attitude and behaviors of people.

Etiquette is divided into business and social etiquette. In “Business Etiquette”, people are trained to wear the mask of professionalism professionally. It is to create one professional floor for all to stand on, in the business market and to establish, one professional language to speak, as to reach uniformity of performance.

“Social Etiquette” is implement human rules, as to learn how not to step on the toes of others. It is the art of “how to avoid scratching humanity of others”. In “Social Etiquette” you learn how to live in PEACE and to keep long term relations, by changing your self and do not think to change others. It is not only to learn bettering your self and accepting it, but also accepting others and getting the best out of them, without coming under the skin of others.

When you are exposed to cultures in the Science of Protocol, you will be able to implement the “Business Etiquette and Social Etiquette” rules, as they are logically implemented, as to be able to add life to year and not year to life. You will find it then better to work on making your dreams come true, and you will find that sky is the limit of your dreams.

“Business Etiquette & Social Etiquette”, are real Islam Learning and Arab Customers and traditions. “Business Etiquette & Social Etiquette” is life philosophy with human logic.

In “Social Etiquette” for example we ask juniors (daughters and sons) to respect their parents; isn’t it Islam "


 وبالوالدين احسانا" "ولا تقل لهما أفا و لا تنهرهما" "وقل لهما قولا كريما" "وأخفض لهما جناح الزل من الرحمة" "و أرحمهما كما ربيانى صغيرا" "و صاحبهما فى الدنيا معروفا"

In “Social Etiquette” we also advice parents to treat their children decently and for adults to respect juniors, as it is a chain reaction, philosophically it is considered an expanded relation and not a possessive


 ان أولادنا بمجرد أمتداد و ليس بملك. ان الله سبحانه و تعالى أنعم علينا بأولادنا لأن هناك آخرون حرموا منهم. فلزلك علينا الحفاظ على نعمه الله سبحانه و تعالى و عدم أهدار نعمته بالقهر و الضرب و التقصيرو الأهانه. على الأم و الأب أن يربوا أنفسهم و يقوموها قبل الأقدام على تربية أولادهم-لو أستطاع الآباء و الأمهات أن يجعلوا من نفسهم أولا قدوه فبالتبعية سوف يتبعهم الأبناء-أخفض من صوتك "فان أنكر الأصوات لصوت الحمير" هكزا يوصينا و يأمرنا المولى عز و جل فى كتابه الكريم- فلو فعلت سوف يفعا أولادك. "و لكل أمرء ما نوى" هزا هو الأسلام- فلو نويت الخير لأولادك فهزه النيه مدخرة و سوف تولد الخير فى نفوس أولادك. لو أتقيت الله فى الكبائر الأربعة و هم "الشرك بالله" و "عقوق الوالدين" "وقزف المحصنات" "وترك الصلاة" سوف يتبعك أولادك و ينعم عليك بزية صالحة بأزن الله.

People believed that Etiquette is of an American Origin, but actually it is Islam, and it is also the Arab Traditions.

In “Business Etiquette”, professionals are asked to be punctual and to speak digital informative language, this is also Islam, as in Islam; Prayers are five, child is cut off from his mother’s breast feeding after a couple of years, heritage is mentioned in Islam in digits as well as ZAKAT (percentage of money paid from Rich to Poor” from any personal savings, after a year time). This means that Islam is the first and only religion which speaks in a digital informative language, and this is what we advice professionals in the business market to do.

In “Business Etiquette of Customer Care” when we train nurses at hospitals or Cabin attendants on board, or customer service staff; either at the airport or hospitals; “A,B,C” customer care is


 حين عفى الله سبحانه و تعالى المسافر و المريض من الصيام و قال تعالى "وعدة من أيام أخر" و أستحب الله أن يستعمل المسلم المسافر رخصه فى القصر و الجمع فى الصلاة فى أول ثلاث أيام سفر- فكيف يتسامح الله عز و جل فى فروضه و أركانه و يتهاون أهل الأرض بالتجاهل و أستعمال القسوة و العنف مع المسافر فى المطارات والمستشفيات.

This is simple examples to know what is “Etiquette”; it is not just table manners, it is not only fashion, we cannot say it is a “Cat Walk”, it is a deep subject, it is human relations, ethics, religion, cultures, civilization, consideration to others, it is respect, peace and love.


التعامل بالمودة و الرحمة كما يأمرنا الله سبحانه و تعالى


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